Political Disruption, November 22
Regulating Big Tech, Race for 5G, Tim Cook's strategy, EU-China Trade, Trade war update
Geopolitical risk in sanctions, trade, tech, cyber, finance and culture.
How China instrumentalizes its market for political gain
Brexit, China, Japan, South Korea and the EU?
Will the Iran-US rapprochement continue despite the bombings?
Will John Bolton's resignation bring the US and Iran down from the path to escalation?
Is it a deal, is it no-deal; is it an election, is it not an election?
Political Disruption August 30, 2019
Economic statecraft 2.0, US-China conflict, Erdogan's miscalculation, Iran and some more trade news.
Escalating US-China conflict, de-escalating Iran, Mexico tariffs
Taiwan, Iran sanctions, US-EU Trade, Turkey